SpiceZ Chicken Curry


This is an excellent curry kit, with fresh ground spices in one sachet and dried herbs and spices in another. I added some yoghurt to the standard recipe, and after eating this meal twice, a week apart, I rate it very highly.

I used 12 ‘Chicken Lovely Legs’ from the Woolworths deli  –  they are much better value than standard chicken legs, and I followed Lena’s  Chicken Vindaloo recipe – http://shed.robhealey.com.au/cooking/chicken-vindaloo-amazing/ substituting the Maharajah’s Vindaloo paste with the fresh herbs and spices of the Spicez Curry kit.



Early Simmer3821


Here are the Chicken Lovely Legs simmering in the electric frypan. They have the knuckle cut off which makes them better value than standard chicken legs and you can fit more into the pan.


I have cooked Lena’s Chicken Vindaloo well over 50 times. It’s my guaranteed great tasting curry. This Spices Kit is every bit as good as the Chicken Vindaloo, and having fresh ingredients must logically be better. I would like to know which curry I prefer and so far I can’t decide- they are both so good!

I may have to try both at the same time to make a decision  heheh   that will be no hardship!

UPDATE: August 2014. Since I wrote this 4 years ago, I have tried both the Spices Chicken curry spice mix and the Maharajas Vindaoloo paste at the same time and there was very little difference. Since then I’ve only used the Spicez Chicken Spice mix because I know it has fresh ingredients and no preservatives. The recipe has been updated and is even better and I have probably had over 400 meals, it’s my favourite curry.



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  1. Barrie says:

    Rob great web site ,,,,cheers Barrie

  2. Layla Cook says:

    i like to add herbs and spices on the foods i cook.;.:

  3. Maya Brooks says:

    herbs and spices can really make any food so tasty and yummy:~*

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