Chicken Vindaloo – Amazing!!!


Chicken was never my first choice for a curry, until I ate this!! This recipe is so good that it has been my favourite self cooked curry for several years, ever since it was taught to me by an Indian lady who showed me how to make it – thanks Lena!!.

I’ve made it over 150 times and it is always the GUARANTEED curry I cook for friends and visitors.

NOTE: The video is a few years old now and the recipe has evolved, so while the vid shows the method, please read the recipe for the updated version – even better!

Click here for the  Recipe and Instructions Chicken Vindaloo recipe UPDATED 2014

This recipe has very moderate Chilly heat, depending on the number of Chillies added.

I still remember the night I was shown how to make this curry. There is nothing better than seeing it happen and eating the meal afterwards!. It was in my friends, Kerry & Lena’s, luxury caravan. It was very hot outside so they had the aircon on, doors and windows closed.  I watched and made notes as Lena showed me the simple procedure. It took time to create and then to cook so we had a few beers in the heavily curry laden atmosphere. Lena cooked up enough to save for another day, but Kerry and I demolished it all!! Zana from SpiceZ  says ‘The Secret Ingredient is LOVE!!” and looking back I think that is the way Lena cooks curries also. I use Spicez Chicken curry mix which is a perfect mix for this dish.
I’m a big fan of SpiceZ , their spice is always fresh and you get a generous quantity for a reasonable price. here’s a link to their Chicken curry spice mix. This packet also contains dried red chillies, curry leaves, Pandanus leaves and other herbs and SpiceZ, which make the curry even better – it that is possible!!

SpiceZ unique Curry Kits- Blended Spices, Dried Herbs & Spices Chicken Curry Kit – SpiceZ Sri Lankan Chicken curry Kit Serves 4-6. A traditional chicken curry using a complex blend of hand roasted spices to create a curry that can either be zesty and fiery or mild and fragrant. Included are the fl…


UPDATE: August 2014. The recipe is updated, more yoghurt makes more gravy,  plus wine, wine vinegar and I now cook 20 chicken legs in each batch.

NEW RECIPE: Chicken Vindaloo recipe

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I used to cook poppadums in the microwave as per the link below, but I’ve gone back to frying them, it is so much better. I use canola oil for that. is how I cook Pappadums in the microwave

I usually cook 20 legs and freeze whatever is leftover in single portions. Most curries taste better after freezing, but this is the one curry that I find just as good fresh.



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  1. Steve says:

    The one you made us here the other week was even better once thawed and reheated!
    Had much more bite to it 🙂

    Can’t wait to use the kit for the beef vindy!
    Thanks again mate

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