Lamb Curry


Don’t bother with this recipe- it’s rubbish compared to how I cook now.

I’ve left it here as an example of what I used to do and to show me how far my Curries have come since this recipe. Here’s a link explaining more, current November 2010 Towards Curry Nirvana Part 2

This is an old recipe- I now cook a special gravy and then use fresh spices from a curry kit

Recommended Sauce – Patak’s Madras, or Maharaja’s Vindaloo paste which is best of all.

2 Tabspoons garlic paste in pan, mouth sized bits lamb with some fat, 2-3 tabs butter – sprinkle garlic salt (masterfoods best) brown fiercely and quickly.

Remove and rest

Wazz onions 2 green 2 red chillies 2 tomatoes or pure tomatoe paste and water plus 2.5 tabs curry paste in food processor.

Cook this on low to med heat for 2-5 mins

Add meat + water and low simmer –it should not bubble fierce

Add water as required

Is cooked when oil separates and colour changes – is obvious when get used to it – look for red oil floating on top, sign of a good curry sauce.

Add yoghurt and simmer 15 mins



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