Towards Curry Nirvana Part 2 BIR


My search for Curry Nirvana has taken a hug leap forward. The plan – to cook an Indian Curry to restaurant standard.

Zana from sent me links to two UK based websites where many people are searching for the same thing as me. I’m not alone!!! There’s even an acronym for my curry Nirvana – ‘BIR’. British Indian Restaurant.

This link is to ‘Curry Barking Mad Mick’ who, like me, is searching for that British Indian Restaurant taste.

Mick has taken a lot of videos of Indian Chefs cooking and he’s also produced a recipe book of Indian dishes. The Recipe book comes as a PDF and is really great value at only Aus $5, everything is very clearly explained and all ingredients listed.

He says, “I have spent many years gaining access to BIR kitchens by befriending owners and staff. They have given me recipes for base gravies, starters, main meal curries and side dishes. Including Onion Bhaji, Sheek Kebabs, Chicken and Lamb Tikka, Korma, Madras, Rogon Josh, Dopiaza, Jalfrezi, Dhansak, Tikka Masala, Bombay Potatoes, Naan Bread and more.
Over 60 recipes.” – WOW!

I bought the recipe book that Mick had on his website, have talked by email with him, and have been watching videos on his website that he has filmed in UK Indian Restaurant Kitchens.

This one, (click link and scroll down to see video) from 2007 really shows what happens. There is a gravy base on the right and the curry, Chicken Madras, is being constructed in the left hand frypan.  Lots of flames and heat!! behind the stove is a counter with various things- tomato paste spices etc. I’m not clear on what’s there…… yet

The Secret is in the GRAVY!

The basic plan is to pre cook a batch of gravy which has a carrot, half a Capsicum, onions, Garlic and all the basic curry spices. Also precook the meat by boiling it. He says after those two things are prepared they can be frozen or stored in the fridge and a curry can be made in 15 minutes, just like in an Indian restaurant.

Not having all the ingredients yet, I tried an experiment, making the base gravy for a curry but adding the spices, supplied from a kit, into the pot at the stage when the meat and gravy are combined, then cooking the meat slowly for 3 hours.

The result was excellent- the meal was lifted to a new dimension. It was my best ever home made curry and far better than a few sub standard Indian Restaurant meals I’ve had over the years.

I am ordering in some extra ingredients so I can give Micks recipe a fair go. This is really exciting!

The other link Zana sent me was to a forum on Indian foods with an enormous amount of infornation – everything from ovems, cooking utensils to spices and recipes. & an Indian Food forum a href=”

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