False Alarms from Smoke Alarm


False Smoke Alarms

Last year a house near us caught fire. It was a frightening experience and soon after we replaced our smoke alarms.

Quell smoke alarms

Chubb Fire & Security Pty Ltd sent Free Replacement Quell Smoke Alarms

The existing alarms on the ceiling were Ionisation type alarms. QUELL model 8A502, about 8-9 years old and the Ionisation type.
Research showed that now Photoelectric smoke alarms are considered better. In fact the new Smoke Alarm Laws 1 January 2017 require photoelectric smoke alarms to be fitted to new domestic dwellings, rental properties, and properties that are undergoing substantial renovations.

We bought 4 Quell Photoelectric Smoke Alarms. There were two in each blister pack, model Q301, Q301H.

They were fitted on the ceiling in the exact places of the old alarms. Within a few weeks one of them went off in the middle of the night, with a persistent shriek. Over the next few months they all gave off false alarms. Eventually I removed all the batteries.

We live in the Wet Tropics so the humidity is high here and is a possible cause of the false alarms, but no-one else seems to be having problems with this brand.

I understand that dishwashers, sinks, ovens, cook tops with boiling water, bathrooms etc are all bad places to place a smoke alarm

The alarms were all on the ceiling.
1. Upstairs between kitchen and dining room, approx 4 metres from oven cook top
2. Upstairs hallway
3. Garage
4 An inner downstairs room with no windows.

I contacted Chubb Fire & Security Pty Ltd, who are the distributors of the Quell smoke alarms. I received a quick and helpful reply from the Consumer sales Co-ordinator who suggested the false alarms might be caused by static, and to wipe the alarms with a damp cloth.

I wiped the alarms with a damp cloth and put them on tables around the house, so they’d be easier to get to. Within 4 hours, at about 3pm, one of them went off! Out came the batteries again!

I explained this to the very helpful man at Chubb and his excellent response was to send me 4 new Quell smoke alarms at no charge, as pictured.

It’s great to report such good service.

We’ve had very little problems with the old Quell ionisation smoke alarms that we’ve used for over 20 years. The brand has a good name. I can only assume the new ones I bought had some glitch in manufacture.

I’ll fit the new alarms, which are the same model and report back here in a few months, hopefully with a successful outcome.


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