Ratchet Spanners


New set of rachet spanners SCA brand. All metric numbers from 10 to 19mm

WARNING– Be very careful when using non reversible ratchet spanners because you can get jammed.

These ratchet spanners don’t have a two way switch. To go the other way you turn them over. I got caught twice, in awkward positions, where I couldn’t unwind the spanner anymore because something was in the way- BUT I couldn’t wind the bolt back up, because of the ratchet.

The only way out is to somehow CUT the spanner – or the car. I was super lucky to get out of it both times- the second time I had to use a small sledgehammer and a chisel !!!!

Providing you think about the job first and look for possible problems, these are excellent spanners and they’re saving me time. They must be strong because the one I had to remove using a sledgehammer and chisel is undamaged and still works.


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  1. Steve says:

    Not so good for tight spots, as you found out! teehee ;P

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