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UPDATE: August 2014, since I posted this in June 2012 I’ve helped many websites appear on the first page of the search engines.

I have a proven method of optimisation which works every time and I can do as little or as much as the budget allows.

My Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) success extends to even the basic websites that I build, which have a very good level of optimisation. Many of these are at the top of the search pages – one client is ranking at the top of page one for ELEVEN  different search terms, proving how powerful my built in basic optimisation can be. This gives added value, at no extra cost, to all websites that I build.

More information on my SEO at All About Web

Back to the original post –

I opened a website I was developing, to the search engines on Sunday 27th May 2012.

4 days later, on a whim, I googled the main keywords and there was the website on PAGE ONE of GOOGLE, position 7 !!!

This was an amazing result. I had my webmaster friends all over Australia confirm the result.

UPDATE 7th September 2012: is now ranking in first and second place, page one of Google, for the search terms ‘guided tour new caledonia’ & ‘guided tours new caledonia’ -it doesn’t get any better than that!!!

UPDATE 6th October 2012: is on page one of Google, position #4.

My 3 marriage celebrant clients are positions #5 & #9 on page one and position #2 on page two – a highly contested profession in our area with 10 pages of search results. To have TWO on page one of google and the pother so close is more proof that my optimisation is really working. has two entries on page one , #7 & #8 for the search term ‘Tinaroo fishing club’ and position #1 & #2 for search term ‘Tinaroo Barra Bash’- as you would expect, has three entries on page one for ‘tinaroo adventure course’ and is on page two position #4 for ‘Tinaroo conference’

I first became interested in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in around 1997, through a friend who relied on his income from being on page one of the search engines.

15 years later, he is still relying for his income on being at the top of the search pages and over the years I have learned a lot from him and we’ve shared our discoveries as the search engines have changed their algorithms to prevent all the various tricks people have used to force websites to be high ranking.

There are only 10 websites in the organic listings of page one of Google. It takes something very special to be one of those unpaid listings. The search engines also try to ensure that no website appears more than twice on a page, so they can offer a variety of results to the searcher.

Last year it took 3 months to get a client onto the first page of Google. She told me “It is paying off.  I am getting enquiries all the time, my timetable for this year is already close to full and now I have enquiries from exclusive resorts who want me as their photographer. ”

That’s the typical result of being at the top of the Search Engine Rankings.

Earlier this year it only took 2 months for another client to appear on page one. When that website reached page one, in a strongly contested profession, I already had another client on that same page one, AND a third client in the same profession on page two – all for the same search term. That’s a lot more than co-incidence.

Convincing proof that my SEO strategy works.

But, to arrive on page one in FOUR DAYS – that is more than I’ve ever hoped for.

For that website, , I worked to my usual SEO plan, it takes a lot of time but I was very happy with all the optimisation work and especially the keyword density which I had got just right. A tag cloud of the home page gives a visual look at the keyword density, the larger the word the more it features in the content.

You can easily see what this website is about – and that is the effect that getting the keyword density right has on the search engines.


On Tuesday the 12th June 2012, I entered the same keywords – ‘guided tour new caledonia’, into Google and was amazed to find the website had FOUR ENTRIES  on PAGE ONE of GOOGLE. Of course each page is set to gain its own ranking, but one website should not appear more than twice on a page.

A week later and those 4 entries are still there and have climbed into positions 2, 3, 4, & 5 of the organic rankings. Ahead is one entry from the Lonely Planet, which is a tourist Guide website not a business, so basically the website has arrived at position one, page one.

The site is not complete yet, there are more pages to come.

The results of my Search Engine Optimisation prove that I have a great system in place. I won’t take all the credit, because I build websites using WordPress as a Content Management System and WordPress is very Search Engine friendly, and I configure it to actively help with the SEO.

Together we are having SEO Success after Success!!



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