Canon by funtwo


Who is that masked man, er capped kid ?? – take a guitar version of Pachelbel’s Canon and let this kid rip into it with awesome lead guitar. One thing is for sure – he practices a lot!!!

Funtwo played and recorded his cover of Canon Rock in 2005. He uploaded his video onto the Internet. It was then snatched up by an amazed viewer, who promptly uploaded the video to Youtube under the title “guitar“. It was not long before it gathered popularity and speculation as to who was beneath the baseball cap. To date, it’s one of the all-time most watched video on the Internet with over 26 millions views.

Funtwo’s real identity has been shrouded with mystery, with many coming forward claiming to be him. The New York Times (a newspaper I hold in high regards), revealed Funtwo’s real identity to be a 22-year-old Korean guitarist named Jeong-Hyun Lim in an article dated August 2006.


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