Different types of Meat Thermometers


Meat Thermometers take the guesswork out of cooking

Knowing the internal temperature of meat being cooked avoids the dangers of bacterial illnesses from undercooking as well as preventing overcooking which can cause shrinkage and make the meat tough.

The price of meat thermometers has dropped to a very affordable level

There are several types of Meat Thermometer

  • Basic Analogue Probe with dial connected
  • Handheld Digital Probe
  • Probe connected by wire to digital readout
  • Wireless Digital Remote.

Basic Analogue Probe with dial connected
Meat probe analogue thermometerThe simplest meat thermometer is a probe connected to an analogue dial.
It can be stuck into the meat at any stage of cooking to check the temperature.
They can be left in the meat in the oven while cooking but over time the glass can become stained with cooking fumes.
It’s difficult to know the EXACT temperature, for instance 63C/145.4 would be a difficult temperature to be exact about.
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Handheld Digital Probe
handheld meat thermometerDigital thermometers give accurate readings.
They can’t be left in the meat while it’s cooking because the plastic would melt and the internal circuitry damaged.
They are inserted quickly into the meat, temperature noted and then removed.
Usually they are powered by a small circular watch battery.
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Probe connected by wire to digital readout
remote digital meat thermometerThe Probe is attached by an insulated wire, and can be left in the meat while cooking.
The Digital readout stays outside the Oven or BBQ and displays the internal meat temperature.
The temperature can be monitored without any effort and this is a very good way to check Oven or BBQ cooking meat temperatures
An alarm can be set when a specified temperature is reached
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Wireless Digital Remote.
wireless digital meat thermometerThese are extremely useful meat thermometers.
The probe is connected by heatproof wire to a Wireless sender and the temperature display is separate and can be carried around, even to other rooms.
The display usually has a clip so it can be clipped to a belt or pocket.
An alarm can be set when a specified temperature is reached.
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Oven Thermometer
oven thermometer
Knowing the temperature inside the oven or BBQ is very useful and helps in setting the thermostat at the correct temperature.
Many ovens are either OFF or ON so the internal heat is variable.
For example, when the oven is set to 100C/212F, then it may switch off at 105C/221F and not come back on until the internal oven temperature reads 95C/203F.
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