I have occasional problems with Gingevitus, caused by DiabetesII and was getting some gum inflammation even though I use a powerful Braun electric toothbrush.

I researched dental waterjets, described by my excellent dentist as ‘A gurney for teeth’.

UPDATE 2: October 2012. My waterpik has lost pressure. It happened over a week or two. Not surprising, because I’ve used it 3 times a day for 2 1/2 years. I immediately ordered a new $150 free shipping – I can’t be without my Waterpik!

UPDATE 1:May 2012. I’m still using my Waterpic 3 times a day- it is brilliant. The hose fractured at the end of the 2 year warranty and I was sent a replacement very promptly. The company I bought my Waterpic fromwas called Prevident, now there is a dedicated Waterpik here – http://www.waterpik.com.au/   Everything I’ve said below is still correct.

There were various types on ebay at good prices but looking closely there were always problems – one was made for 110 volts and would need a converter, another was an old model, some had small reservoirs and were battery powered.

After a lot of searching I bought a Waterpik from Prevident – I’m so glad I did !!!



I brush my teeth for about 2 minutes and after that I use the Waterpik – It’s so good that it often pulls out debris that the toothbrushing hasn’t dislodged. I’ve read this in other reviews, and it’s true – and amazing!

It’s more powerful than I need;  I’ve got it set at  2/3rds and it stings my tongue as the water blasts through the gaps between teeth. It has a good size reservoir that runs for 110 seconds which allows a thorough cleaning.

There is a fitting for cleaning out gum pockets and another for cleaning the tounge but I find the basic jet does a good job. I use it three times a day and I can see it is holding back plaque and keeping my gums healthy.

It makes a rattling sound, a little less noisy than a hair dryer. I soon learned to keep my mouth almost closed to stop the spray going everywhere. It’s slightly messy (as all Gurneys are!!) with water running down my arm, as well as out of my mouth, but this is not a problem.

I’m really pleased with the Waterpik, well worth the money.

UPDATE March 31st 2010     – 3 months since I started using the Waterpic.

I went to the dentist today for my 6 monthly check up and cleaning. The hygienist remarked how different my gums looked. They are now pink and healthy and holding the teeth more tightly. There was less plaque too. She said to ‘carry on doing whatever I am doing’ because there was a big improvement.

This is all due to the Waterpik which I generally use 3 times a day. I noticed also that the cleaning was not painful at all – usually there are some sensitive areas, but not today.

Anything that make my teeth last longer is hugely important – $200 well spent.


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