Towards Curry Nirvana


My search for Curry Nirvana continues. The plan is to cook a ‘restaurant grade’  Indian Curry.

“O Crikey Me !’

I’ve progressed a long way this year, thanks to excellent curry kits from SpiceZ and Saucy Spice Co. I’ve had some successes that made me think I was knocking on Nirvana’s door and then lately the frozen portions re heated have been disappointing. Most unusual because until lately a frozen curry has always been an improvement over a freshly cooked one. Everyone knows a curry is better the next day, so what is happening??

As a control, I re-heat a frozen Marinades Restaurant Curry once a week and they are always superb. When the Marinades curry is re heating in the oven, the aroma is always much stronger. So what is in those, that is missing in the other curries? Is it an ingredient or could it be the quantity of spices used?

When I solve that puzzle I will be well on the way to achieving my goal.


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