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Unsolicited reviews about Marinades Restaurant Spence St Cairns go something like this –


Andrew 19th Dec 2006
Marinades remains not only Cairns or Qld’s, but Australia’s finest Indian restaurant. It is wonderful to know that each time we go back, the standard of food and service will be superb. My wife and I have both lived in India, and are on an eternal quest for quality Indian food, so having Marinades so close to home make our life alot easier. 3/3. Excellent!



So it’s no surprise I have been eating Marinades Curries for many years, such a long time in fact that I finally managed to convince the owners, both Indian, to give me a sample of their spice mix for my favourite dish, Lamb Vindaloo. Over the years I have often asked them questions about how they make this dish, and they have always been very genrous with advice, but to actually be given some of their spice mix was a real honour.

Of course the curry I made from it turned out really well – a very good curry. But it did lack a certain signature flavour that their Vindaloo always has. I asked them today what the secret ingredient is; I found out a couple of things it isn’t but no luck in revealing the secret to their full flavoured curries. Apparently the chefs, ‘add things’ after the spice mix – well they certainly add GOOD things!!


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