Who is the Greatest Singer ?


I was talking to someone recently about who we think is the best singer- Male/ Female, In the World/In Australia.

Of course there are no definitive answers because we all have different tastes in music- there’s no Celine Dion in my list, fine singer though she may be!!

I’d be very interested to see what other people choose,
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The questions are,

who do you consider –

1 Best Male singer in the world

2 Best Male singer in your country

3 Best Female singer in the world

4 Best Female singer in your country

this is not restricted to current, they can be from any year.

There are so many good singers. I can’t remember all their names so I decided it would have to be someone I COULD remember and also who I would choose to listen to First if I had several CD’s from famous singers laying on the table.

Here’s my choice-

1 Freddie Mercury – Freddy had a big vocal range, plenty of power and could be clear as a bell or rough and gutsy.

2 John Farnham – incredibly powerful voice, huge range, expressive, can sing hard all night- an amazing bloke

3 Annie Lennox – ex Eurythmics- huge range, clear, powerful, gutsy. Others considered were Tina Turner, Shirley Bassey, Cleo Lane, Madonna

4 Chissy Amphlett ex Divinyls – Huge expression and a powerhouse. Tina Arena, also an Aussie, is a close second

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4 Responses to “Who is the Greatest Singer ?”

  1. ivan says:

    1 Tom Jones

    2 David Campbell

    3 Aretha Franklin

    4 Kylie

  2. John Forrester says:

    Eva Cassidy had the voice of an angel. Soft, smooth and very easy on the ear. Her version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow is the best, most touching I’ve ever heard. What a tragic waste of pure talent.

  3. reidy says:

    You could debate this forever. The only person in my opinion worthy of mention is the lateKaren Carpenter

  4. Ferret says:

    1 Not sure I could displace Freddie Mercury, but I would also table Damien Rice, and Robbie Williams (pre 2005, for performance reasons)

    2 Harry Angus – singer and trumpet player from Cat Empire, seriously overlooked as an incredible singer

    3 Aretha Franklin

    4 Kate Miller Heidke – combining an opera voice with rock/pop music, finally

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