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Review of my Sansa Fuze 8gb Mp4 player –

UPDATE  29th August 2013: My brilliant Sansa Fuze has finally died. I think the battery has worn out. I used the fuze every day, usually for at least an hour. Last year i dropped it onto a tiled floor and the case split open, I supa glued it back together and it worked fine.

I bought a sansafuze+, the new model. Instead of the rotary wheel it works by touch and several times I accidentally reset or changed what I was listening to. I mainly listen to audio books which have been recorded from tapes, losing the signal to identify chapters. The book files are usually more than 5 hours long and refinding my place after accidentally touching the fuse and resetting it was very, very slow and annoying. So I have bought a sansa clip zip which has manual buttons. It is working fantastically, but I’ll wait a few weeks before giving it the official thumbs up.

UPDATE 14th May 2012: I’ve had the Sansa Fuze for nearly 2 years now. It is brilliant. I also have an iPod and everything I want to do on the iPod is annoyingly controlled by iTunes, I’m always having to google how to move or rename a file etc. With the Sansa Fuze, moving files is simple windows file moving technology- copy and paste or drag n Drop – too easy.

The only thing the iPod does better is audio recording. The sansa fuse picks up a voice CLOSE to it, but is not good at recording things like lectures.

The Sansa Fuze battery life is fantastic, the controls are easy to understand. When this one fails I will another Sansa Fuze, and that’s the best testimonial.

I use it daily and can’t do without it.


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