Gas Oven problems


 Professional Chefs cook with gas. Gas makes cooking easier and is cheaper than using electricity. An added bonus is that you have two power sources in an emergency.
Things to watch out for when selecting a gas oven – look where the hot air vents out- our wall oven doesn’t go up a flue at the back, it vents out immediately above the door, making the controls too hot to touch and filling the room with heat. You have to have it that way for ovens under a bench but wall ovens should vent up a flue. The oven light blows after only a few hours use, I’ve given up now and have a torch handy!! The automatic re lighting device died after 3.5 years. This auto lighter is used all the time on our oven as part of the temperature control. When the oven reaches the set temp, it turns the gas off, when it gets a few degrees cooler it re lights to get back to the set temp. Not sure if they all work like that. Ours is a base model Westinghouse. Perhaps the more expensive models are better.


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