Credit Card Security, Jewellery & ICE


Make a photocopy of all your cards, front and back – store copies in different places. If your cards are ever lost or stolen, you will have all the details in the same place.
This also helps to remind you of what cards you have. To be totally organised, beside each card you can write the appropriate phone number you have to call when they are lost.
If you have any valuable jewellery, take a photograph with a ruler and your drivers license alongside – you can even wear it if it is a bracelet or rings. That way you have proof of identity in case the jewellery gets stolen and a picture to circulate to help get your valuables back.
Oh and don’t forget the ICE number on your Mobile- In Case of Emergency –
Enter the phone number in your mobile that you would want someone to ring if you are unconscious and for the name put ICE. This is very well known and could save your life.


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