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Richard Fidler is an excellent interviewer and he has the most interesting guests on his 1hr show on ABC radio. I have been listening to him since his first interview several years ago and he is brilliant. He brings out the best in his subjects, often getting them to tell more than they meant to, and it’s all done with friendship and humour.

The intro on the ABC website explains – “‘Conversations with Richard Fidler’ draws you deeper into the life story of someone you may have heard about, but never met. On any given day ‘Conversations with Richard Fidler’ might take you from a remote Chinese village, to the inside the cockpit of the space shuttle, to a family home in the middle of a warzone, to a hospital on the side of an African volcano to the mysteries of the human brain to the pitch of the MCG. ‘Conversations with Richard Fidler’ is funny, provocative and often deeply moving.”

Here’s a link to an end of year compilation;  short clips of a selection from the years interviews, a great demonstration of the huge variety of guests, the humour and the stories.
I recommend you right click on the link and save to your computer –

The main webpage is click on the archives to go back several years, there’s something for everybody. All are available as MP3 podcasts and if you miss the show it’s easy to download and listen to later. 

Richard Fidler is a broadcaster who has had several lives as a musician, writer and performer. He was a member of the famous comedy trio, The Doug Anthony Allstars, they toured the world for several years, always well received at the comedy festivals and on returning to Australia made it big on TV comedy shows

Since then Richard has presented a very wide range of TV shows over the years, from Race Around the World, to Aftershock, a series on technology and the future, and the incredibly low rating Vulture.

For a while he was a comedy executive with ABC TV, notionally responsible for shows like The Glass House and The Chaser. He recently co-wrote a satirical book on Australian politics titled, Jack the Insider: The Insider’s Guide to Power in Australia.

Richard lives in Brisbane and he’s currently the president of the Institute of Modern Art in Fortitude Valley.

He took over the interview show from someone who never listened to his guest and never seemed to understand what his guest was talking about. The difference when Richard took over was enormous. At first I was just pleased that the bad interviewer had left, he annoyed me so often with his ineptitude. Soon I realised that Richard was more than just your average interviewer. He is an intelligent , well read guy who always put his guests at ease and brings out the best in them.

He currently hosts the ABC radio program The Conversation Hour, broadcast on 612 ABC Brisbane and 702 ABC Sydney plus several other ABC stations in Qld, NSW & WA

Onya Richard!

UPDATE 22 June 2010

Since I posted this rave about Richard Fidler, I keep hearing new conversations that amaze me- his interview with Ita Buttrose was excellent, she seemed to turn into a young girl right before my ears!!
Some times he is a quiet listener and he doesn’t need to use his interview skills, at other times I hear the skilful way he puts people at ease, knows his subject and extacts meaningful and interesting dialogue. His compassion always shows through. Simply brilliant.


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