Climate Change


If the world heats up, we’ll survive,


unless we find out how to CREATE the Greenhouse effect to keep warm.

19 years ago I read Peter Sawyers Book ‘The Greenhoax Effect’ – it opened my eyes to what was really happening and not just what we are being told. At the time of print, we were being told to sell our beachside homes and move inland – The GreenHoax Effect predicted we were actually heading into a period of drought and the best investment was a water truck- he was right!!

Greenhoax Effect

The book pointed out that chlorofluorocarbon gas (CFC) which had just been banned because it supposedly was depleting the ozone layer, was actually heavier than air, you could pour it into a bucket and it stayed there- so how was it getting into the ozone?? Most interestingly, the patent for it, owned by Giant Chemical Company DuPont, was running out. DuPont actually donated money to the research for a new gas, and guess who owns the patent on HCFC? Yep – DuPont

Reading the Greenhoax Effect made me look closely at news reports- was a scientist mentioned by name ? or just ‘THEY say…”. For over 20 years I’ve listened and read a lot about climate change, and formed my own opinions.

If the world cools down we’re in trouble, when the next Ice Age arrives we are going to need to keep warm for maybe 16,000 years– will we get paid back all out carbon credits then?

UPDATE: August 2011. When I first posted this article, the supposed problem was called ‘Global Warming’, then the Northern hemisphere had a seriously cold winter. Oops, ‘Global WARMING ‘ ? Apparently not.  So the name subtly altered to ‘Climate Change’ – which covers both too hot and too cold. About as useful as a weather forecast for ‘sunny with rainy periods’.

Carbon Tax: When we were first invited to pay a Carbon ‘offset’, I knew it would eventually be a tax.

Lets get this straight, the proposed tax is not about CARBON it’s about CO2, a gas that we exhale.

If CO2 is so deadly to the planet, it suggests that we weren’t designed correctly in the first place- hmmm who should we sue? I think Billy Connolly already had a go at that (The Man Who Sued God Movie 2001)

Professor Brian J O’Brien who was closely involved in the Apollo moon missions became involved in climate issues a long time ago. He was the Director of Enviroment and Protection in Perth early 70’s.  He said the idea to reduce emissions by 20% at the 1988 Toronto conference on emissions was created by a half day workshop, by about 20 of the scientists at the conference.

They decided they wanted to reduce the demand for electricity and they thought a ‘challenging figure’ would be 10%.
They also said they wanted to increase the efficiency with which it’s used  and thought a ‘challenging figure’ would be 10%.

They added them together and that’s the Toronto target of 20%, but that then became adopted as if it was scientifically backed up instead of being ‘plucked from the entrails of Toronto’

Makes me wonder how many other targets and schemes have been plucked so carelessly – hmm can anyone say ‘CARBON TAX’ !!!!

So lets get some facts straight- where does the heat for Global warming come from? There’s only one place – THE SUN.

Here’s my view on the issue –


Without the sun, the temperature on the earth would be about the temperature of space, around -270C.

The amount of solar energy reaching the earth is not constant, but varies in several independent cycles of different degrees of magnitude, which may or may not reinforce each other.

These cycles include a 100,000-year cycle, which results from the elliptical orbit of the earth around the sun, a 41,000-year cycle, which results from the tilt of the earth on its axis, a 23,000-year cycle which results from changes in direction of the earths axis relative to the sun, and an 11-year sunspot cycle, during which solar radiation increases and then declines.

Each 100,000-year peak in radiation appears to last about 15,000 to 20,000 years, and each has been coincident with massive surges of carbon dioxide and methane (the green house gasses), into the atmosphere, causing de-glaciation of the Polar and Greenland ice caps.

Surges of these greenhouse gasses have always been vastly greater than the amounts currently being generated by burning fossil fuels. For example, the most recent 100,000-year cycle raised sea levels 400 feet in the first 10,000 years, but since then sea levels have risen very little. In the current warming period, sea levels are rising only about 3 millimeters per year, and temperatures over the last 100 years have risen a modest 0.6 of a degree C.

Superimposed on this latest 100,000-year peak have been 6 secondary warming periods, each coincident with additional surges of carbon dioxide and methane, lasting about 200 years and then subsiding. Each of these previous warming periods was warmer than the current warming period, and current temperatures are below the median for the last 3000 years. No human industry involved!

There are thousands of scientific papers in the geological literature that show massive climate changes, massive changes in Earth History, which are totally unrelated to human activity. If you take a holistic view of the earth’s history you would be hard pushed to argue that the slight changes that are now recorded are anything else but natural changes.

What we are seeing today with this movement of ‘Human Induced Climate Change’ is a religious/political movement which is frightening people witless. Paying a tax on carbon emissions is akin to people buying an ‘Indulgence’ in the Middle Ages- all your sins were forgiven.

Joanne Nova, A freelance science presenter, writer, professional speaker & former TV host and author of The Skeptic’s Handbook, posts a lot of scientific climate facts on her website. Each facts is credited, there is information and graphs. “It wasn’t CO2: Global sea levels started rising before 1800” has tidal data going back to the 1800’s.  Much more reading linked from her  Climate Science page.

Ian Rutherford Plimer (born February 12, 1946) is an Australian geologist, academic and businessman, and professor of mining geology at the University of Adelaide. He says-

“We have had massive climate changes in historical times over as short a period as twenty years. The change from 1280 to 1303 was profound (from the Medieval Climate Optimum to the Little Ice Age) – that was a time when Greenland had Barley and Cattle. Thats amazing!!

We’ve had a massive increase in CO2 in previous times geologically, where temperatures have changed very slightly but CO2 went up to 5% in one geological time and up to 20% in another. That change is very significant compared to the changes we are now getting which are measured only in parts per million.

If we look at the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere by human activity, it really is quite small compared with the degassing of the ocean, with CO2 released from life, CO2 released from geological process such as volcanic activity. Most of those are not documented in the current arguments.

There’s a great body of evidence showing the amount of CO2 released by natural geological process’s; for instance there are 10,000 earthquakes a year and every time you break a rock you release the 3 main greenhouse gasses- Water Vapour, Methane & Carbon Dioxide. Another process never mentioned is the swarms of earthquakes in mid ocean ridge areas which herald the rise of molten rock, that releases a huge amount of gas into the oceans most of which is dissolved and released later on ocean currents.

We are bombarded with information that humans are changing climate – this can only be valid IF we ignore astronomy & IF we ignore Geology.

In Geology we have seen massive climate changes, we’ve seen sea levels go up and down. No-one has any problem with climates changing because they’ve always changed. What has to be demonstrated is that any of the very slight changes that we can measure now are related to human activities and actually not natural processes. “

Water vapour is the largest component of Greenhouse gasses, yet it is the one gas that humans don’t have control over.

Water Vapor H2O 36 – 72 %
Carbon Dioxide CO2 9 – 26 %
Methane CH4 4 – 9 %
Ozone O3 3 – 7 %

My Conclusion –

I’m convinced there is, was and always will be, Climate Change, but not that Humans are the cause. I think the Carbon Tax is just another tax. All the evidence I have read points towards a continuing global pattern, with cycles within cycles.

I doubt that taxing CO2 will prove to be much more than another way to tax us. However, it makes good sense that we use this time as an opportunity to clean up our act, for the long term good of the planet, that makes total sense.


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7 Responses to “Climate Change”

  1. Gary says:

    Well smoke me a kipper. that was a big read.

  2. REIDY says:

    Can’t say I’m too enthused about any carbon tax. Don’t see how paying a tax is going to fix anything , real or imagined. Taxes collected for specific purposes tend to disappear into the general coffers. Specific example…the $10 tax on airline tickets to help out the Ansett victims who didn’t ever see a cent. Where did all that end up. Must agree about the cyclic nature of our climate, but the spiralling population is making the trees disappear rapidly & that’s got to have repercussions eventually

  3. wayne smith says:

    the planet will look after itself. just another bullshit tax

  4. Barrie says:

    Rob I agree with all of this this was how labor will fund all the crazy ideas they come up I was looking at Bob Katter talking of how both parties are destroying our way of life eg…Kiwi apples ,,,,potatoes imported along with all the bugs and the destruction of the dairy industry up here right now [they have 31 dairy farms for sale in Tableands],,,what about people polution another issue,,,what about the breeding cycles of third world countries that over graze over anything then expect others to rush in with food aid it must stop ,,,,our last solar panel manufacture has shut its doors we were responsible design wise for a lot of the increase in their effeciency what about the Garret’s solar panel deal that was stopped because it was to popular what a joke ,,, lets hope Australia starts looking after Australia and stop the worry about what others think who really gives a root ,,,cheers Barrie

    ps If every house had 10 solar panels on it we would go a long way to solving some of the problems but hello the government wants to sell the power then fine you using the power they must think we are all stupid!!!!!!

  5. Steve says:

    Very interesting re CFC’s being heavier than air! :O

    …Global warming is TRUE, BUT (this is what 99% of the people either forget or don’t realise);
    IT IS CYCLIC and has been part of a constant (over many many years) change from warmer, to colder, warmer, to colder…

    POLLUTION certainly needs addressing, but the ‘global warming’ part has been used incorrectly by most governments and people.

  6. Terry C says:

    Well now it would seem someone has hit the nail onthe head. Trouble is that a great number of people are being lead by the nose over this carbon tax waffle adn unless the real truth is sent out there then we will be paying more tax and more tax. Where the Government thinks the pensioner is going to get their money from is beyond me.
    Good one Rob.

  7. Ash says:

    In the lab CO2 retians heat, but the galactic amounts we pump into the atmosphere will have no effect. I want some of what you’re smokin’ man!!

    26 billion tonnes a year and counting, ye ha.

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