Chainsaw Tips


Here’s some handy rules about using a chainsaw – stay Safe!!


The FIRST RULE – get very used to the on/off clutch which is the front handle.
STOP THAT CHAIN!! because a moving chain will rip an arm or leg off like a hot knife through butter.

2  Never start it in gear

3  Never stand one legged on a 3 legged chair trying to reach up to cut something- or anything similar to that!

4  Never stand UNDER what you are cutting

5  Never stand ON what you are cutting

6  Wood is MUCH heavier than you think

7  Trees don’t always fall the way you expect, use rope etc to make sure they can’t kill, maim or damage anything

8  NEVER cut wood that has ant trails on it or near dirt because dirt blunts the teeth faster than you can say ‘dirt blunts the teeth’

9 ALWAYS remove two nuts, remove cover and clean & re oil chain after use. there is moisture in wood and chain and sprocket will rust

10 Try not to hurt yourself, but it’s almost inevitable

As for the actual cutting of timber- this guy explain it well, and subtitles for those that don’t understand ‘American’

And here’s ‘Mr Safety’ cutting down a Palm wrongly at face level!!


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2 Responses to “Chainsaw Tips”

  1. Steve says:

    Thanks Rob.
    My chainsaw looks good! 😉
    Yes, I had to remove the nuts to assemble blade bar and chain (they don’t come assembled for $129!)
    and also had to tension chain.

  2. Steve says:

    Mine has an auto oiler, which of course I have to buy chainsaw oil for – none came with it!

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