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I’m getting some amazing results with my latest web designs, including this one here, at my Shed.

I began building websites in 1997 and in the last few years have won some awards for commercial sites. Recently I’ve discovered a system that interacts with the search engines to make my websites more easily found and get high rankings.

Attracting viewers to a website is vital and that’s why being listed high up in the search results is so important that business’s are paying thousands of dollars just to have their sites search engine optimised.


The system I’m using now, does a lot of this optimisation AUTOMATICALLY!!

 Does it work?

Hell yes!!

My review here on ‘The Shed’ of Spicez Lamb Curry kit is currently ranking at number two position of PAGE ONE of Google – that’s in the world, not just ‘pages from Australia’. 

Ok, this is a plug for me, sorry about that, but this discovery is so amazingly good I just have to blab –

The essential feature of my award winning Web Design is a Content Management System which is configured to make a Website ‘Search Engine Friendly’, increasing its visibility so that it can be found.

I construct these Content Management System (CMS) websites to AUTOMATICALLY notify the major Search Engines after every update. They also add other vitally important search engine information called meta tags to the page .

The benefits are HUGE. Not only do the websites I now build achieve their best page rank quickly, but my clients have full control of their website, saving them time and money by managing it themselves. They can edit and add information, images, videos etc.  Anyone with basic email skills can manage this CMS, or I can manage it for them. 

If I am asked to manage the CMS for a client they still enjoy all the web friendly benefits of the system, plus I can update content far quicker than a static site, which is a cost saving to them..

Whether you’re a small business looking to grow, a retailer with an on-line catalog, an artist looking for exposure, or any business or organization seeking to maximize chances for success, this CMS and the way I configure it opens up new ways to communicate with your audience.

My website is http://allaboutweb.com.au/

Below is a screenshot of page one of Google, taken on Sunday 30th May 2010 showing this website’s curry review at #3 position.

Interestingly it is above the Spicez.com.au website which was no-where to be found on Google until recently  because it had no meta tags. I optimised each page separately, relating to the content. I have always been interested in search engine optimisation and constantly update on what is working. My expertise has pulled Spicez from obscurity to ranking on page one, something I am very proud of – although it IS below my CMS website post. hehe

It took me an afternoon to optimise the Spicez website while my Shed post took about 10 minutes!! Also, because the Spicez site is static, not CMS, it’s possible that it won’t hold it’s high ranking, because the major Search Engines currently favour sites with constant changes and additions, which with CMS is so easy to do.

Curry kit 2

Head over to my website http://allaboutweb.com.au/ for more information on what I do.


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Four Fingered Pianist


This is a Brilliant video. What humans can do, despite disabilities, is awe inspiring. What this girl can do with only two digits on each arm is more than amazing.

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Funny Labrador eating Breakfast


Breakfast at Gingers!!

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Custom Corvette Test Drive


TDL 10(009)
Without a doubt, this is a very special Corvette.

The custom body is coated with a unique black and silver base coat under a translucent violet hue with subtle ghost flames that can only be seen at certain angles. At night it takes on a stealth quality, becoming almost invisible.

Steve Mack Shed Mate who runs the Australian Corvettes Association became the lucky owner when his friend, who had put years of effort into creating this stunning Corvette, was forced to sell.

Rear 0(011)

Everything impresses.

The engine is stroked to 383 cubic inches. The dash is totally custom. The new R4 700 transmission has beefed up internals and shifts via a B & M Hammer shift. Steering is rack and pinion. The independant suspension has Koni shocks with American Racing Torq-Thrust II polished alloy wheels.

Everything is custom, including the seats which have no adjustment. I sat in the drivers seat and was glad the roof was off, because my head was up in the weather, where the roof would be.

The B & M hammershift was stiff to put into drive, but the view through the windscreen as I drove off was brilliant, the C3 curvy fenders enhanced by the shotgun air intake sticking through the power bulge.

Front 05259

At the first junction I discovered the brakes were light and really good. The steering is 3 turns lock to lock, with a Ford Rack & Pinion steering and a Lexus steering column. The car was tight, no rattles and easy to drive.

Steve lives on the outskirts of Brisbane, almost in the country. We’ve driven each other’s Corvette’s a few times and it was extremely generous of him to let me drive this unique Corvette, and tell me I could ‘give it some stick’. With that encouragement, on a clear country road, I gave it about half throttle. It shot off like a rocket and when it changed into second I banged my head hard on the rear Targa bar. Steve then told me he’d had the shift adjusted to be firm – yeah, thanks mate, that didn’t ease the pain at all.

We turned onto a straight main road going slightly uphill, with a 100 kph speed limit. No traffic in sight. I pushed the accelerator to the floor and immediately the car dived strongly to the left, I corrected without lifting the throttle and we were flying. There was a very strong push into my back. The full throttle shift into second provided the usual rear end twitch to the left which I half expected but when I lifted off the throttle at the end of the run, the car dived to the right, which I hadn’t anticipated. Some serious torque there !!

The exhaust sound, like the rest of this Corvette, was perfect. On startup there is a loud crackle which is impressive. At idle the exhaust burbles powerfully. The 383 Chev engine runs super quiet, the only noise being from the fuel pump.

Once under way the exhaust note is very good without droning or being annoying. Accelerating in traffic produces a louder sound, suggesting there is far more power available. It sounded just right without making other drivers think there was a race going on. At wide open throttle there’s a totally different story, all hell breaks loose with a that awesome knocking/hammering noise of a powerful Chev engine at full noise. Yeah, I loved it.

All the engineering is well done, with many non standard items. For instance, the headlights are motor driven, not vaccuum. The Custom Dash looks good, the gauges are clear to read and the indicator is on the right hand side.


The Engine bay is clean and there’s lots of bling

engine 2

The custom aluminium radiator has two 14” Craig Davis fans


The 750cfm Holley Carby has a Shotgun intake which protrudes through the hood


The rear interior has an 8 speaker Kenwood surround system with 500 watt amp and built in woofer. The sound was crystal clear, with plenty of guts.
I used to play in Rock bands and It was LOUD!!


Tyres are BFG Radial T/A on American Racing Torq-Thrust II polished alloys


Not surprisingly this Corvette has won trophies and appeared in magazines. My thanks To Steve Mack for trusting me with his pride and joy, and for permission to use his photos here.

I’m hanging out to drive this vette again!!

Front C06558


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Gas Oven problems


 Professional Chefs cook with gas. Gas makes cooking easier and is cheaper than using electricity. An added bonus is that you have two power sources in an emergency.
Things to watch out for when selecting a gas oven – look where the hot air vents out- our wall oven doesn’t go up a flue at the back, it vents out immediately above the door, making the controls too hot to touch and filling the room with heat. You have to have it that way for ovens under a bench but wall ovens should vent up a flue. The oven light blows after only a few hours use, I’ve given up now and have a torch handy!! The automatic re lighting device died after 3.5 years. This auto lighter is used all the time on our oven as part of the temperature control. When the oven reaches the set temp, it turns the gas off, when it gets a few degrees cooler it re lights to get back to the set temp. Not sure if they all work like that. Ours is a base model Westinghouse. Perhaps the more expensive models are better.


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Credit Card Security, Jewellery & ICE


Make a photocopy of all your cards, front and back – store copies in different places. If your cards are ever lost or stolen, you will have all the details in the same place.
This also helps to remind you of what cards you have. To be totally organised, beside each card you can write the appropriate phone number you have to call when they are lost.
If you have any valuable jewellery, take a photograph with a ruler and your drivers license alongside – you can even wear it if it is a bracelet or rings. That way you have proof of identity in case the jewellery gets stolen and a picture to circulate to help get your valuables back.
Oh and don’t forget the ICE number on your Mobile- In Case of Emergency –
Enter the phone number in your mobile that you would want someone to ring if you are unconscious and for the name put ICE. This is very well known and could save your life.


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Basmati Rice


Cook Basmati Rice in 8 minutes – put half or full a teaspoon of turmeric and some salt into a saucepan of water and bring to the boil. Add the rice to the boiling water and stir until it stops sticking to the bottom. Start a timer at the first signs of returning to the boil and simmer for exactly 8 minutes, stirring occasionally. There should be enough water that as the rice expands it is still freely moving in the water.

Drain in a metal sieve or colander after 8 minutes of simmering and flush through with cold running water. Leave to sit in the sieve/colander. 

Re heat when ready by boiling a little water in the saucepan with the sieve/colander on top. This will steam the rice and warm it up in a few minutes. The turmeric gives the rice a nice golden colour, far cheaper than using saffron, and they say that Turmeric is good for the digestion.

Basmati is THE ONLY rice for curries. It is also a low GI rice. A little extra flavour can be added by including either Cardamom seeds, or lemon grass. I have also read that adding a Rampe leaf (Pandanus) flavours the rice, but I haven’t tried that yet.


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Pappadum Microwave


UPDATE:2015 I used to cook Pappadums in the microwave, but I’ve returned to cooking them in oil, they taste so much better.

Here is the old way – I cook my Pappadums in the Microwave . I used to cook them in oil as per the instructions but it uses a lot of oil, which can’t be healthy and there is the added danger of a kitchen fire, especially if you are cooking with an open gas flame.

Cooking Pappadums in the Microwave  is an acceptable alternative providing they are sprayed with olive oil on one side and left for 10+ minutes. Then put a plate in the microwave (1100watts) and put it on full for 90 seconds to pre-heat it. Place three or four oiled Pappadums on the plate and Microwave for one minute.

This pre heated plate is an important part of the process.

Adjust the time to suit the strength of your Microwave. You can do 4 or 5 pappadums at a time this way and they are tasty.

Without the oil they are too dry and powdery.

You can do more than 5 at one time, but they may burn a little in a few places. I have cooked 15 by scattering them around the plate-  and making sure they are not all exactly on top  of each other. Very handy when making curry for several people.



I prefer plain pappadums, there is enough strong taste in the curry so I don’t need extra garlic or whatever. I use Sharwoods ‘Puppodums’, there are 15 in a packet. about 15 cm/6 inches wide as opposed to the other packet of large papadums on the supermarket shelf  which contain only 10.  I notice on the Sharwoods website that they now only show packets containing 8, which is disappointing because I expect the price will be much the same for only half the amount.

Since writing the above I have changed my mind. The Sharwoods Puppodums did disappear off the shelves for a while, and I tried the Patak’s Pappadums. The Patak’s are only 10 to a packet compared to Sharwoods 15, but the net weight is only 13gms less, at 100g net. I thought the Patak’s tasted better, and the Sharwoods, when they reappeared on the shelves, seemed very bland in comparison. I cook the Patak’s Pappadums THREE at a time.

I have used the small Pappadums from the supermarket but the large ones are easier to oil & cook and a more authentic size. I have tried several other unknown brands from Asian shops, they sometimes have more flavour but sometimes not so good. Hard to find consistency and often they are not gluten free.

Once a packet is opened I wrap it in gladwrap, or seal in a ziplock bag- either way they keep for weeks, even in the tropics. But not so with cooked pappadums- for 8 months of the year when our humidity is high, a cooked pappadum begins to turn soggy in just a few minutes. In high summer they start to go soft after 3-4 minutes!! so best kept in a warm oven until ready to eat.


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Pirates Fast Sailing


Love this video, fast sailing a large yacht –


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Conversations- with Richard Fidler


Richard Fidler is an excellent interviewer and he has the most interesting guests on his 1hr show on ABC radio. I have been listening to him since his first interview several years ago and he is brilliant. He brings out the best in his subjects, often getting them to tell more than they meant to, and it’s all done with friendship and humour.

The intro on the ABC website explains – “‘Conversations with Richard Fidler’ draws you deeper into the life story of someone you may have heard about, but never met. On any given day ‘Conversations with Richard Fidler’ might take you from a remote Chinese village, to the inside the cockpit of the space shuttle, to a family home in the middle of a warzone, to a hospital on the side of an African volcano to the mysteries of the human brain to the pitch of the MCG. ‘Conversations with Richard Fidler’ is funny, provocative and often deeply moving.”

Here’s a link to an end of year compilation;  short clips of a selection from the years interviews, a great demonstration of the huge variety of guests, the humour and the stories.
I recommend you right click on the link and save to your computer – http://mpegmedia.abc.net.au/local/brisbane/conversations/200912/r486056_2498895.mp3

The main webpage is http://www.abc.net.au/brisbane/conversations/ click on the archives to go back several years, there’s something for everybody. All are available as MP3 podcasts and if you miss the show it’s easy to download and listen to later. 

Richard Fidler is a broadcaster who has had several lives as a musician, writer and performer. He was a member of the famous comedy trio, The Doug Anthony Allstars, they toured the world for several years, always well received at the comedy festivals and on returning to Australia made it big on TV comedy shows

Since then Richard has presented a very wide range of TV shows over the years, from Race Around the World, to Aftershock, a series on technology and the future, and the incredibly low rating Vulture.

For a while he was a comedy executive with ABC TV, notionally responsible for shows like The Glass House and The Chaser. He recently co-wrote a satirical book on Australian politics titled, Jack the Insider: The Insider’s Guide to Power in Australia.

Richard lives in Brisbane and he’s currently the president of the Institute of Modern Art in Fortitude Valley.

He took over the interview show from someone who never listened to his guest and never seemed to understand what his guest was talking about. The difference when Richard took over was enormous. At first I was just pleased that the bad interviewer had left, he annoyed me so often with his ineptitude. Soon I realised that Richard was more than just your average interviewer. He is an intelligent , well read guy who always put his guests at ease and brings out the best in them.

He currently hosts the ABC radio program The Conversation Hour, broadcast on 612 ABC Brisbane and 702 ABC Sydney plus several other ABC stations in Qld, NSW & WA

Onya Richard!

UPDATE 22 June 2010

Since I posted this rave about Richard Fidler, I keep hearing new conversations that amaze me- his interview with Ita Buttrose was excellent, she seemed to turn into a young girl right before my ears!!
Some times he is a quiet listener and he doesn’t need to use his interview skills, at other times I hear the skilful way he puts people at ease, knows his subject and extacts meaningful and interesting dialogue. His compassion always shows through. Simply brilliant.


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